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Singers Need Correct Posture by Georgia Reader

What is excellent posture and why is it important for a singer? First of all your voice comes from you and your body, which becomes the instrument. When you sing you have to be aware of your breathing, your posture, and how you present yourself to your audience.

To become a good singer, you must have good posture. When a vocalist starts to sing, the stance and the location of the feet with the way the knees are placed is very important for proper sound production. Also, if the posture of the chest and shoulders are correct this will enhance the voice while singing.

Students who are beginners are often told by their instructors that to have good posture while singing they must keep their back very straight so that they can inhale deeply and control the exhaling process. Chest must be held high with the shoulders held back, and the student should imagine their spine lengthening with their chins tucked under. Poor posture encourages back pain and tension. In fact, the tension could spread from the neck to the shoulders and to the back if the person is not completely relaxed. Keep in mind that the vocal cords are in the neck. So if the vocal cords are tense, it will hard to sing well with expression.

What about the role of the spine when you are ready to sing? If the spine is stretched out correctly with the singer leaning forward, it will help the diaphragm support the voice. With good posture, singers look more self-assured and give the audience the impression that they are good.

Stand securely with the feet on the ground. Balance should be satisfactory for the singer with no locking of the knees while standing. With one foot somewhat in front of the other and the shoulders relaxed, the voice should project in to the audience.

When someone is standing with an upright spine with shoulders held back, they look as if they are in charge and very confident. If the singer locks the knees it could create some problems with muscle tension and even breath control. It might help a beginning singer to look into the mirror occasionally to check on the correct stance when preparing to sing.

As a singer be aware of the instrument the as an instrument of the voice when you sing. This means that singers have to train themselves to have the correct posture when they sing. It is difficult at first, but well worth it because good posture gives any singer an edge over others

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