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Faster Computer 101

We all want a fast computer it is the one thing that we all really want when buying a new computer. We are very happy with how fast it was running when we first buy it from the store. It started up without a hitch or any error windows and any time we opened a program there was absolutely no hesitation. Over time your computer will always begin to slow down and this is when you will start getting annoyed. There are various causes of this but there is also three very easy ways for you to remedy this problem.

You can always add additional memory to start, this is a reason that your computer may simply be cheap when you buy it first up because it actually has very little memory in it and simply needs more to function in a reasonable manner. You may feel as though all the numbers sounds like it is actually a lot of memory when in reality it is not even enough for it to function normally, you must add more if you want your computer to run really well. You can buy your own memory from many places and install it yourself or have someone who actually knows what they are doing to install it for you. This may be a better option, as you don’t want to stuff up your computer even though it is quite easy to do.

There are other things other than buying memory that can help your computer speed up. You can get rid of spy ware stuff on your computer, as this tends to take up a lot of space when it is running on your computer. Thee generally only show themselves through pop up windows however they are running silently in the background all the time. People often have many different spy ware programs running unknowingly and this really halts and clogs up the system in a big way. You can easily get more than you think running. Get an anti spy ware program and run it and this is simply the easiest way to clean up your system and have it running faster than ever. It will both more secure and faster.

There is one more way that you can clean up your computer and make it run faster that is often overlooked my most people. You can clean up the errors in the Windows registry. Sometimes people are a bit worried about tampering with this part of the system however it is quite easy to do and is actually very effective. You don’t have to do this all by yourself there are many programs which you can download and will do this for you automatically the trick is simply to find the best one. This will clean up your computer get rid of those really annoying pop ups and stop system crashes occurring.

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Questions To Ask a UPS Battery Backup Supplier

Every business should have a good UPS battery backup so that the company’s data and other material is protected. Most business owners are aware that they should have a UPS battery back up system. But most business owners put off buying a UPS battery backup system because they know which UPS battery backup supplier to use or which UPS battery backup system to buy.

Like any consumer business owners don’t want to get ripped off and are worried that if they go to a UPS battery backup supplier and say that they’re not sure what UPS battery backup system they need for their business that the UPS battery backup supplier will just try to sell them the most expensive system that the Ups battery backup supplier has without any regard for the businesses needs or budget. To avoid this scenario there are some basic questions that you can ask a potential Ups battery backup supplier before you buy an entire UPS battery backup system to make sure that you are only getting the UPS battery backup that you need.

The first thing that you should do when you are considering a potential UPS battery backup supplier is to find out if the company has a website. Many Ups battery backup suppliers have interactive websites where you can answer a series of questions online and the website will suggest several different types of UPS battery backups for you. If you choose a new UPS battery backup system this way you don’t need to worry about an overzealous salesperson trying to sell you a more complicated UPS battery backup system then you need to have. If the company doesn’t offer an interactive UPS battery backup suggestion system on its website then you should talk to a customer service rep on the phone. When you’re talking to the customer service rep you should describe your business and the customer service rep should be able to help you pick out the kind of UPS battery backup that would be the best suited for your individual needs.

If you don’t think that customer service rep knows very much about UPS battery backups or if the customer service rep seems overly anxious to make a sale or get you off the phone you should choose another UPS battery backup supplier. If the customer service is too focused on the sale it could mean that the customer service reps work on commission in which case it would be in the customer service rep’s best interest to sell you the most expensive UPS battery backup system possible. If the customer service rep is anxious to get you off the phone it could mean that the call is being timed. In some businesses customer service reps are encouraged to get customers off the phone as quickly as possible so that they can have a higher call turn around rate. In either of those situation that UPS battery backup supplier is not a business that is focused on customer service so you should not buy your new UPS battery backup from that company.

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A UPS system is only as reliable as the batteries providing the power you are using. If you are using the most highly recommended battery tester in the world, you are off to a good start.

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Buying Guide to Graphics Cards

The graphics card is a vital performance component of your computer, particularly if you play 3D games, or work with graphics and video content. The graphics card sits in an expansion card slot in your PC and it is specifically designed to process image data and output it to your monitor, enabling you to see it. A graphics card works by calculating how images appear, particularly 3D images, and renders them to the screen. 3D images and video images take a lot of processing capacity, and many graphics processors are complex, require fans to cool them and need direct power supply. The graphics card consists of a graphics processor, a memory chip for graphics operations, and a RAMDAC for display output. It may also include video capture, TV output and SLI and other functions.

Graphics Cards

What are your needs?

The first decision you need to make is whether you need a graphics card for handling 3D images or whether you are simply requiring 2D image rendering. For 2D requirements, you need only a low-cost solution. In many cases, an integrated graphics solution will suffice for 2D applications.

However with 3D graphics, the performance of the graphics card will impact directly on the frame rate and image quality of 3D programs and games. The differences between the low and high-end cards can be substantial, both in cost and performance.

Rendering 3D graphics is like lighting a stage, both the geometry of the shapes in question and the lighting of it need to be taken into account. The geometry of an image calculates the parts of an object that can and can't be seen, the position of the eye and its perspective. The lighting is a calculation of the direction of the light sources, their intensities and the respective shadows that occur. The second part to presenting a 3D image is the rendering of colours and textures to the surfaces of the objects, and modifying them according to light and other factors.

Most modern graphics cards include a small microchip called the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which are provide the algorithms and memory to process complex images. They reduce the workload of the main CPU, and provide faster processing. Different graphics cards have different capabilities in terms of processing power. They can render and refresh images up to 60 or more times per second, calculate shadows quickly, create image depth by rendering distant objects at low resolution, modify surface textures fluidly and eliminate pixelation.

What Specifications to Consider

Processor clock speed

This impacts on the rendering capability of the GRU. The clock speed itself is not the critical factor. Rather it is the per-clock performance of the graphics processor, which is indicated by the number of pixels it can process per clock cycle.

Memory size

This is the memory capacity that is used exclusively for graphics operations, and can be as much as 512MB. The more demanding your graphics applications are, the better you will be served with more memory on your graphics card.

640M and more

Memory bandwidth

One thing that can slow down 3D graphics performance is the speed at which the computer delivers information to the graphics processor. A higher bandwidth means a faster data transfer, resulting in faster rendering speeds.

Shader model

DirectX Shader Models allows developers control over the appearance of an image as it is rendered on screen, introducing visual effects like multi-layered shadows, reflection and fog.

Fill rate

This is the speed at an image can be rendered or "painted". This rate is specified in texels per second, the number of 3D pixels that can be painted per second. A texel is a pixel with depth (3D). The fill rate comes from the combined performance of the clock speed of the processor and the number of pixels it can process per clock cycle, and will tell you how quickly an image can be fully rendered on screen.


Graphics chips don't work on curves, rather they process flat surfaces. A curve is created by multiple flat planes arranged to look like a curve. 3D objects are created with multiple triangular surfaces, sometimes hundreds or even thousands, tessellated to represent the curves and angles of the real world. 3D artists are concerned with the number of polygons required to form a shape. There are two different types of specification: vertices per second (I.e., angles the triangles), and triangles per second. To compare one measure with the other, you have to take into account the fact that adjacent triangles share vertices.


A technique used to smooth images by reducing the jagged stepping effect caused by diagonal lines and square pixels. Different levels of anti-aliasing have different effects on performance.


The Random Access Memory Digital to Analogue Converter takes the image data and converts it to a format that your screen can use. A faster RAMDAC means that the graphics card can support higher output resolutions. Some cards have multiple RAMDACs allowing that card to support multiple displays.


Some graphics cards provide the option to connect a television via either a composite (RCA) or S-Video connector. TV Out

S-video Out
S-video In and S-video Out (VIVO)
YPbPr Connection for HDTV


Some graphics cards include a connector for DVI monitors, handy because a lot of LCD screens support DVI. DVI offers better image quality than the standard VGA connector.


Dual-head is a term used when two monitors are used side by side, stretching your desktop across both.

SLI (Scalable Link Interface.)

With SLI you can couple two graphics cards in your computer, enabling each card to take half the rendering thereby doubling the performance.

When considering your graphics card, it pays to think about how much you need your computer to process your graphics output. Using a high end graphics card with a high pixels per clock rating, large memory, fast processor and other features means that you can run the latest games efficiently, or work in intensive graphics development.

Different Models

While there are many vendors of graphics cards, there are actually only two major manufacturers of chips for graphics cards. Nearly every graphics card on the market features a chip manufactured by either ATI or Nvidia. Cards using the same graphics chip will perform roughly the same as each other. However, even though they use the same chip, some feature slightly higher clock speeds, as well as manufacturer guaranteed overclocking-an even higher clock speed than that specified. Other factors that will influence your decision should include the amount of memory a card has (128MB, 256MB, 512MB) and its additional features, such as TV-Out and dual-screen support.

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Notebook or Desktop Computer, What is the Best Buy?

The idea of purchasing a personal computer may be appealing to a lot of people, however they may feel undecided as weather to go for a traditional desktop computer or for a light weight portable notebook. Several aspects should be taken into consideration as for the purposes of such acquisition. If the main purpose of buying a computer is for occasional use, regardless if it is for work or entertainment activities, one may consider buying a traditional desktop computer taking in consideration that its price is usually lower than the portable version.

The maintenance and eventual upgrade of a desktop computer is also much easier to perform and less costly. If the buyer is looking to spend the least amount of money, definitely the desktop computer models offer more choices of finding better deals weather it is used or new. One may look around the local computer stores for special deals or may consider browsing the many possibilities offered online stores.

Perhaps the greatest feature a desktop computer has is the fact that quite often it can be upgraded and personalized to suit the user needs without having to be sent back to the manufacturer. In most cases a local authorized computer store can perform the technical changes or upgrades to satisfaction. The desktop computers are meant for work and leisure as well and regardless of its configuration or how fast it can perform, it seems that it became an everyday tool of modern times.

On the other hand, if the main reason for the purchasing of a computer is portability, then in this case the notebook will be the right choice. There are several brand names available on the market offering all kinds of configurations, from very basic up to the most sophisticated and powerful late models of notebooks. After a careful research on which model will better suit your needs, then you will still have the option to choose to buy a new, reconditioned or used unit for the sake of saving some money. Keep in mind that a reconditioned laptop purchased from a computer store, usually comes will full warranty, just like as if you had purchased a brand new model but for a much less cost.

Just like any other purchase, it is important to do a careful research to find out what exactly your needs are and what are you going to do with it. The lightweight and portable notebooks are much nicer to carry around even though they are usually more expensive. Also the lightweight models almost always have a smaller screen and a more compact keyboard than traditional models of notebooks. So, in this case if weight is not a critical issue, than you may just consider to purchase a traditional regular-model notebook as long as it meets your requirements. If you choose this later option you will certainly be saving a great amount of money.

If you are the kind of person who feels skeptical about purchasing a reconditioned computer, because it has been previously returned from the manufacturer, relax, some times there is absolutely nothing wrong with the returned unit. It may have just been a matter of model preference or some minor detail that didn`t quite match the previous owner`s preference. Keep in mind that a reconditioned notebook with a full warranty is just as good as a brand new one and maybe even better for the great discount it usually offers.

Also you may find some good deals in refurbished notebooks. Beware that the difference between refurbished and reconditioned notebooks is that the former is usually an older notebook that has been used and then reconditioned, often by a third party, and the later usually means that it had some problem, went back to the manufacturer, got fixed and now it is available at a fair discount price with full manufacturer guarantee.

The right solution for one`s computer related tasks, whether desktop or notebook, will depend mostly on one`s working or leisure needs. Search carefully for the best deals and avoid paying extra for accessories you will hardly use. Also take a look at reconditioned (full warranty) computers. The price will certainly surprise you. And the performance might too!

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A Purchase Guide to Budget Notebooks

Since it became commercially available back in the early eighties, notebooks called the attention of computer users because of its small size and portability. Not much of a commercial success back then, it only took a short time before the computer industry improved this item, up to a point that is now considered to be one of the best selling computer consumer products.

For one who intends to buy a budget notebook, he may have some difficulties in picking the right one, since there are several notebook manufactures offering so many models. Budget notebooks are in a class by itself with basic features but capable of delivering full solutions for computer related tasks.

For an easy guide to budget notebooks, check the following major manufactures:

Sony VAIO notebooks are fashioned products targeted to consumers who demand flexibility and power without compromise. It is expected to find features such as 15.4`` WXGA, duo core processor and 100 gb hard disk. Although not the cheapest of budget notebooks, it compensates the higher price by offering more technological features.

Most common features one can expect from Sony budget notebooks: 1 - Intel Core Duo Processor T2250 1.72 Ghz; 2 - Windows Vista; 3 - 1 gb DDR2 ram; 4 - Widescreen XGA display type; 5 - Intel graphics media accelerator 950; 6 - 100 gb SATA hard disk 5400 rpm; 7 - CD-RW/DVD rom; 8 - wireless lan 802.11 a/b/g; 9 - Modem and Lan port 10/100; 10 - USB connectivity; 11 - It weighs around 6.5 pounds; 12 - Lithium ion battery up to 5.5 hours; 13 - One year limited warranty. Price starts from U$ 929.00 and up according with optional accessories.

With features such as 15.4`` WXGA, duo core processor and ATI Radeon Xpress graphics, Dell budget notebooks offer a flexible combination of power, mobile productivity and entertainment at a good price.

Most common features one can expect out of these notebooks are: 1 - AMD Turion 62 X2 1.8 ghz/1mb cache processor; 2 - Windows Vista; 3 - 512 mb ram; 4 - Widescreen XGA display type; 5 - ATI Radeon Xpress 256 mb video graphics chipset; 6 - Up to 80 gb hard disk; 7 - CD-RW/DVD rom; 8 - It weighs around 6 pounds; 9 - 9-cell lithium ion battery; 10 - One year limited warranty. Price starts from U$ 549.00 and up according with optional accessories.

All Toshiba budget notebooks feature an 15.4`` diagonal WXGA display, DVD optical drive which reads and writes up to 11 formats, high speed wireless lan (802.11 b/g) for easy connection in networks.

Most common features one can expect out of these notebooks are: 1 - Intel Celeron processor with 1+ Ghz; 2 - Windows Vista; 3 - 512 mb ram; 4 - Widescreen XGA display type; 5 - Radeon Xpress 200M video graphics chipset; 6 - 60 gb hard disk; 7 - CD-RW/DVD rom; 8 - wireless lan but no Bluetooth connectivity; 9 - Modem and Lan port 10/100 mbps; 10 - USB and firewire connectivity; 11 - It weighs around 5 pounds; 12 - 4-cell lithium ion battery; 13 - Tv-out s-video; 14 - One year parts and labor warranty. Price starts from U$ 599.00 and up according with optional accessories.

HP Budget notebooks with features such as 15.4`` display screen, AMD Sempron 3500+ and a sophisticated black resin finish, offer an attractive mix of style, mobility and performance.

Expected features one can find in this HP notebook category: 1 - AMD Sempron 3500+; 2 - Windows Vista; 3 - 15.4`` WXGA Widescreen; 3 - 512 mb ddr2; 4 - CD-RW/DVD rom; 4 - Wireless connectivity 802.11b/g wlan; 5 - It weighs around 7 pounds; 6 - Nvidia video graphics chipset with 256 mb; 7 - 6-cell lithium ion battery; 8 - USB, lan and modem port; 9 - Integrated stereo speakers; 10 - 60 gb SATA hard disk; 11 - Tv-out s-video; 12 - One year warranty in parts and labor. Price starts from U$ 569.00 and up according with optional accessories.

A while ago portable electronics devices were a luxury at an expensive price. Nowadays it became an affordable must have kind of product for lots of people. Notebooks are in this category for sure! And basic notebooks are the best option for those who are in a tight budget. So, if portability is a must for your personal or professional computer related tasks, waste no more time. Get yourself a budget notebook!

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iPod Facts You Should Know

iPod is one of the most successful consumer electronic products in history. It is the best selling mp3 / mp4 player in the market today. The combination of sound quality, sleek design and unique user interface, made the iPod a hit, causing an entire industry of accessories to emerge almost overnight.

The Apple Corporation first released the iPod on October 23, 2001.

Presently we are now on the 5th generation of iPod.

The first generation - Mp3 player with mechanical scroll wheel and four buttons.
The second generation - It has touch-sensitive wheel, 10 GB and 20 GB hard drives.
The third generation - It has touch-sensitive bottoms and USB connectivity.
The fourth generation - It has click-wheel and only two hard disk version, 20 GB and 40 GB.
The fifth generation - Mp4 player with 60 GB memory storage and video capability.

iPod has won several awards ranging from engineering excellence, to most innovative audio product. Very often it receives favorable reviews on looks, designs and handling.

iPod was designed as an mp3 / mp4 player for people with an active lifestyle. It is compact, sturdy and lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go. It was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or to be carried into a pocket or purse for easy transportation.

It comes in many storage capacities from 512 MG to 80 GB. The amount of memory it can hold, depends on the model or on the compression rate of your songs.

As an mp3 player it was designed to provide the best quality sound. It has a powerful 60 MW amplifier so it can deliver audio as loud as you want. It also has a 20 MZ to 20 KHZ frequency response, which means you can hear distortion free music at the lowest pitches.

iPod built-in rechargeable battery provides between 8 to 20 hours of music playtime depending on your model. Using the appropriate stereo adapter your iPod will sound great on your home or car stereo system. All iPod`s come as standard with a non removable lithium rechargeable battery. The battery charge will last about 14 to 28 days without use. The lcd display shows the battery level on the upper right corner of the screen. You may charge your iPod by connecting it to an Apple iPod Power Adapter or connecting it to a USB port of a computer. A full charge takes approximately four hours while 80% charge will require at least one hour.

Apple has designed the iPod, as an mp3 player, to work with the iTunes media library software, which allows you to select your music on your computer and on your ipod. iTunes can automatically synchronize this mp3 player with specific playlists or with the entire content of a music library each time you connect your iPod to a host computer.

The first three generations of iPod used two ARM 7TDMI derived CPUs running at 90 MHZ, while later models have variable speed chips which run at a peak of 80 MHZ to save battery life. Another great feature of owning an iPod is the fact that someone can record a discussion and then post the audio file on the internet. This means people can download the file and listen to the file on their iPod. As an mp4 player, with iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts at the iTunes Website. Podcasts are radio shows or other audio/video programs that are downloadable over the internet.

In order for you to be a more satisfied iPod customer, as to the usability and longer battery life spam of this mp3-mp4 player you should consider the following tips:

- Keep it turned off when not using it.
- Update to the latest software.
- Keep it at room temperature whenever possible.
- If you are not using the backlighting, turn it off.
-Turning off the equalizer will save you battery.
- Use compressed songs.

With the availability of compact audio format, we have had mp3 players such as iPod, which provided an unprecedented portability to eager electronic consumers. Now iPod, as mp4 players, is already able to deliver video capability and a whole new set of features and services yet to come.

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Computer Virus Scan

Computer Virus Scan, Your 24/7 Dutiful Guard

Computers nowadays will not last without the installations of a good anti virus software. It is recommended that a frequent computer virus scan be done to ensure that your computer has not been infected with a virus. Most of us have probably experienced computer defaults caused by a virus attack and feel that you are not safe enough from hackers. So, keep your computer safe from these dangerous virus threats.

Install Computer Virus Scan software and protect your personal data from hackers, detect and remove spywares, adwares and web dialers. Virus scan softwares also restore your computer if it is already infected. They will detect the infections and have them removed, deleted or quarantined.

Imagine having a malicious program destroying your files and computer in seconds? These could be files that you have worked so hard for. So why not secure your computer? Nobody wants his hard disk destroyed, personal information stolen and files erased.

With the growing number of viruses - worms, trojans and other hazards that can easily infect your computer, protecting your PC has never been more important. Especially now that computers has been given a more important role in our daily lives.

The availability of virus scan softwares and the development of new programs in the light of this problem put an ease to many of the computer owners. Virus scan destroys all viruses which could have penetrated into the system mostly, cleaning up takes only but a few seconds.

While at first install it would do a thorough computer virus scan to ensure that there is no virus hiding anywhere in your pc. After that it would do occasional computer virus scans to maintain the cleanliness of your computer.

Computer virus scan programs also detect potentially unwanted applications like spyware, adware, web dialers and more.

Advanced antivirus technology detects and removes all latest versions of worm, email, download and other computer viruses, including Sobig, Lovsan (MSBlaster), Bugbear, Palyh, Fizzer, Klez, Sircam, Nimda, CIH, "I love you" virus, "Anna Kournikova" virus, Hahaha, Badtrans, Vbs funlove letter, Melissa and many other worm, back door and Trojan Horse viruses.

With a computer virus scanner on duty, you will almost never contract a virus. You can surf the Internet safely, read your emails and download files without being worried about viruses.

After installing a computer virus scanner, it will act as a 24/7 guard to your computer. Tirelessly it will guard your computer against attacks from viruses and preventing harm from other malicious software.

The background scanner will operate continuously, watching for viruses as you are using your computer for everyday tasks. You do not have to do anything. In the software, a computer virus scanner will perform this function and do the entire job automatically, in the background, ensuring the safety of your computer. Or, if you wish, you can configure it to schedule, run and manage your own scan operations.

The scanner starts when you start your computer, and stays in memory until you shut it or your system down. The scanner also includes optional features that keep your computer from connecting to dangerous Internet sites.

If you plug-in permanently or just connect periodically to the Internet, computer virus scan softwares automatically checks for the latest virus definitions, patches and fixes -- then updates itself automatically. This is your first line of defense against computer viruses. In some anti virus software they can also be your second, third and fourth.

S. Stammberger is the owner of Computer
Virus Helpers. Her website offers articles and tools to help protect your computer against viruses

Computer Cool

Keep Your Computer Cool

If the computer after several hours' use suddenly rebooted and does not show any sign of system failure, there could only be one thing. The computer is overheating.

Unknown to many, (especially those who are not into technological stuff) the computer could generate a large amount of heat when it is in use. Adding video or sound cards could also add more heat generation from your computer.

The temperature inside the computer or laptop that has high-powered processors that runs with multiple applications reaches one hundred forty (140) degrees.

The more drives, memory and even colored lights stuffed in today's CPUs and laptops, the less space there is for internal air circulation. Combine that with poor exhaust or surrounding ventilation, and systems slow, applications run poorly, or the computer could reboot to cool itself down, or crash altogether.

The popularity of cheap computers is fast increasing. People are drawn to buying the cheap computers but they are not aware of the reductions made just so to meet the demand.

One of these reductions is the size as well as the effectiveness of cooling fans on the computer. As the computer gets warmer, the computer speed also gets slower.

With the proper cooling device in the computer, rest assured that the performance of the computer would be better. It could also extend the life of the computer, motherboard and the processor.

Cooling products help drop the temperature of the CPU and its components by circulating, dissipating, cooling and pulling air from a desktop or laptop computer.

Some fans mount in the front drive bays of computers, while others slip into PCI slots to suck air out the back. Copper or aluminum "heat sinks" mount atop the processor to cool that device itself.

When buying a new computer, visit a retailer and touch the computer case to see how hot it gets. Consider adding additional fans to the PCI slots or atop the processor.

Other cooling tips include cleaning dust away from the CPU's fan, or opening the unit and using a can of compressed air to blow dust off the components.

Keep the CPU off the floor, and install filters atop the fans, to reduce dust, pet fur or other debris from getting into the unit. A small electrical fan aimed to blow across the CPU also can help disperse heat and cool the unit.

Keep the computer in a location where air can circulate freely. Keeping the tower in a desk cabinet, leaving the doors open or removed to aid circulation also helps air to circulate inside the computer.

For general office cooling, a flat-panel monitor, or LCD, can reduce the amount of heat generated, as compared to a traditional CRT monitor.

Laptop heat is especially common. Many road warriors, teleworkers and home office workers place the laptop literally upon their laps to work.

This not only can block exhaust fans, but can trap and build heat. Laptop pads dissipate heat by either elevating the unit from the surface, or by using fans to help draw heat away from the device.

Many slot coolers are being marketed today. There are two things that you have to consider before buying one. The intake of fresh cool air is very important. Case temperature drops with the intake fan in the case. T

he position of the fan is the other. It has to be positioned one slot away from the AGP card. The extra space would help the airflow inside the computer. This way the computer heat would be lessened.

James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of and writes expert
articles about cooling.

Keylogger Software

Keylogger Software - Parents Benefit

When online, children are completely out of the parental control and parents can't actually find out what their children do when online.

Banning children from computers or allowing using it only when parents are supervising the process is not a good solution. Besides producing a negative impact on relations with you child, this also makes it harder for your offspring to compete with other children, as the Internet these days gives certain social and academic advantages. However, the Internet should be filtered, there's absolutely no doubt. So what is the solution?

More and more parents realize they shouldn't impose any direct control over their child's online activity thus trying to find out what their children are doing online. This task finds an easy solution in special keylogger software. Such software monitors computer activity and saves the report in special files so that the parents can later check it out and make conclusions. Keyloggers usually show what applications were used on the controlled computer, what sites a child visited and what he actually wrote to his online pals. There are enhanced search and sorting options, so any suspicious activity can be easily traced.

There are quite a lot of keyloggers currently available on the market. Quality depends and so does the price. Keyloggers are usually very simple to install, setup and use and require no special skills from the user. Most of them cost around $30, though there are more sophisticated species that may cost a little bit more. Keylogger software usually operates in the invisible mode and children don't know their parents have an eye on them.

However, this last feature often comes as an obstacle for the parents. They think that keylogging their children' online activity equals to spying and that such harsh supervision in not required for their beloved ones. Well, even if your child is very smart and kind, he or she is still a child so there is still a threat that they can make a wrong choice. And the consequences may be horrible. There are online predators that try to gather information about children in various chat rooms to take hostile actions against them in the real life. Even though children who realize they should keep their private information really private, can reveal some bits of information to a predator, who will then stick the facts together and find out what he needs.

Keylogger software often comes as the only solution for the parents with children who have the opportunity to access the Internet on a regular basis. Parents should know what happens with their children and try to prevent the possible danger. And the Internet, regrettably, carries a lot of danger with it, so keylogging software may really help to notice the problem long before it actually comes to life.

Kevin Dark is marketing various products online. Parents should benefit from the fabulous Keylogger.

Spyware And/Or Adware

9 Warning Signs You Might Be Infected With Spyware And/Or Adware

FACT: Chances are your machine is hosting spyware. There are currently over 78,000 Spyware and Adware programs on the Internet that can affect your PC.

Here are 9 warning signs you should be aware of, if any of them pertain to you then your PC is most likely infected:

If you start you Internet browser and the homepage that pops up is not the one that has been set by you. You then change it back to what you want and then it goes back to something you didn't set again. This is one of the more common features and ways to tell that you have been taken over by some sort of spyware and that you should rid your system of it immediately.

If you get pop-ups that have been personalized with your name on them or you begin to receive pop up ads while you are not even connected to the Internet or don't have a browser open. This is one of the more annoying ways that your system will let you know that you have something other than normal operating in your system.

You start receiving very expensive phone bills that have you placing many calls to 900 numbers that you never heard and ones that have hefty per-minute rates. Spyware takes over your phone line due to the connection that you have in conjunction with that phone service, whether dial-up or broadband.

You enter a searchable item into your required Internet toolbar or address bar and then all of sudden an unapproved searching system handles your search. More infamous items are infected with stuff such as Mysearch Bar and other spyware type search engines that only take you to their approved sites.

Another sure fire way to know that you have spyware operating on your system is that you have view your favorites list and you have favorite sites in their that you did not put in yourself and have found that other sites you put there are no longer found. You delete these items but they always show up again in your favorites.

Your system begins to run slower than normal. If you are a updated Windows OS user you pull up your task manager system information screen and see that your system is running at 100%, then you are infected with spyware because your system always needs a little free space in order to process information, which is why your system slows down when you have spyware on it.

At a time when you are not doing anything online, the send or receive lights on your dial-up or broadband modem blink just as wildly and lively as when you are online downloading a file or surfing the Internet. Also, your network icon on your screen will be flashing rapidly showing you that you are working on receiving and sending information from your system at a very rapid rate. This is the job of spyware here to send and receive information to your system without telling you.

A search toolbar or other browser toolbar appears even though you didn't request it or install it. Your attempts to remove it fail, or it comes back after removal. Parts of spyware registry files hide themselves in your system under aliases and unless you find all of them and remove them, then they will never leave your system, causing them to show up over and over again.

And the final sign is: Everything appears to be running normal but the most deceptive and devious spyware leaves no tracking information for you to find it anyway. This is the sure way to get you to check your system on a routine and regular basis so that you are sure you have no signs of an infection.

When not on his soapbox, Andrew Wroblewski is doing battle with the thousands of spyware programs that can affect you via his anti-spyware and spyware removalwebsite: where you can get a FREE spyware scan of your computer system.

Cheap Computers

Building Cheap Computers in 3 Easy Steps

Just a decade ago, the only people who put computers together were those individuals who possessed an extensive technical background. Advancements in technology have eliminated some of the complexities in how computers work. This change has resulted in average people who have a basic understanding of computers being able to build a system themselves. Whether you are interested in building computers to establish a new hobby or to start a business, you can so in only a few easy steps and on a shoestring budget.

The first step in building cheap computers is to determine the route you want to use to build systems. You basically have three choices when considering building cheap computers: build a system from scratch, expand on a bare bones computer, or upgrade an existing system. Building a system from scratch can be a rewarding experience. However, it is not for everyone. If you are impatient or are intimidated by mechanical tools, you are better to choose one of the other two options.

Regardless of the method you choose, you will follow three basic steps:

1. Plan
2. Assemble
3. Test

The planning phase of your project involves determining the specifications for the computer you want to build. Once you know this information you can start shopping for parts that meet those specifications. Your main considerations should be
hard-disk, memory, and CPU (central processing unit). The harddrive is important because it determines how much information you are able to store on the computer. While you could build a computer with a harddrive smaller than 2 GB (gigabytes), it is not recommended.

The harddrive and memory work together. The amount of memory you place in your computer will directly affect how the system is able to complete the different processes that you request when using the system. If you have no idea what size hard-drive and the amount of memory you need, you should consider the type of operating system you intend to load on the system. You can consult the manufacturer of your hard-drive or review the information on, which features a list of minimum harddrive and memory requirements for various operating systems, and use this information as a guide.

The equipment presented in this article includes the basics of a computer system. Of course, nowadays people want far more than the basics and you undoubtedly feel the same way. There are optional components available that you may want to add to your systems, which include CD or DVD drives, a modem or other communication component for Internet connectivity, or a video graphics card.

Once you have decided on the specifications of the computer you want to build, you are ready to assemble the system. In addition to detailed information about the parts you will need to build your computer, includes step-by-step instructions for assembling a cheap do-it-yourself computer.

When you have finished assembling the computer, you will then need to test to make sure that the system boots and that all components are functioning properly. Once you have completed all these tests you will have built your own cheap computer.

You can find detailed information about planning, assembling and testing computers at the website.

Internet Advertising

The Era of Internet Advertising in the Market

The Internet is an interactive and versatile platform and offers rich consumer usage data. Internet users consider internet advertising to be the most relevant ad format. The internet evolved as a medium for marketing and advertising since 1994.

From then, it has evolved into so many phases with its own record highs and lows. Online internet businesses are now at a record high with different niches catering to any needs. While the competition is now scorching, people are looking and devising ways to edge out the competition. And just like any business, advertising is a must and a growing industry.

The internet is different from the usual advertising media in many aspects. First it serves not only as a communication channel but also a distribution and transaction channel. Clients can make purchases and payments through internet. They can also get lots of information.

The world of Internet Advertising is quite new, complex and often difficult to comprehend. Internet advertising is the most important component to make your web site effective. Advertisers can improve their ad target ability to achieve better results.

No other medium can carry out these marketing functions right away without resorting to other means. Second, internet by nature is interactive. Users can easily shop just by visiting a web site and by clicking the hyper-linked for added information. It is a two-way communication, with the internet serving as a provider of customized content that meets an individual's needs. Third, internet has the capacity for multimedia substance.

It can carry not just text and graphics but also audio and video content. The multimedia environment of the internet is appropriate for high-impact advertising. The internet become an integral part of the media mix for many advertisers, and new types of advertising have filled the world wide web landscape including animated banner ads, sponsor logos, interstitials, advertorials, advertainment and 3-D visualization.

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Internet Marketing Tips

Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips - Succeed As An Affiliate

Once you've decided to become an affiliate for a company, product or program it is vital you turn your attentions to affiliate internet marketing, because like it or not that is the only way you're going to succeed as an affiliate.
Though you may not view being an affiliate as a proper business and indeed in all likelihood it will not be your main income source, to earn any kind of serious money, you have to perform your affiliate internet marketing properly. The internet is going to be your shop front, and affiliate internet marketing is essential for its success.

The most important goal of affiliate internet marketing is to generate traffic. If you are selling product then would-be purchasers will already know what they want to buy before they start searching the internet, and will put appropriate words into the search engine in order to find the best sites. A major part of your affiliate internet marketing is to have the right keywords when you're designing your website and content. If you don't get this aspect of your affiliate internet marketing correct then the traffic will be heading to another site. Tracking software is an essential tool for affiliate internet marketing, as it can provide the optimum keywords in your sphere of business, so you know what keywords are likely to send costumers your direction. Successful affiliate internet marketing is almost impossible to achieve without appropriate keywords.

The net is saturated with e-zines on just about any topic you wish to think of, and these can be utilized for your affiliate internet marketing. It is worthwhile surfing the web to discover which ones are going to appeal to people who might want to buy your product and advertise your site with them. This could take the form of a simple URL link to your site or maybe a pop-up ad. The one drawback to this form of affiliate internet marketing is the e-zine is an affiliate of your affiliate site and you will have to pay them accordingly out of your profits. Sometimes you must speculate to accumulate, as they say, and this is no less appropriate to affiliate internet marketing, and the extra traffic to your site and possible extra revenue from sales will more than compensate you for your extra outgoings.

Another form of affiliate internet marketing is to publish a regular newsletter and e-mail it to registered site visitors to keep them informed of any new developments or products you may have. Efficient affiliate internet marketing is a essential in order to maximize your potential profits.

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Internet Dating

The Many Advantages Of Internet Dating

The first real advantage of internet dating over regular dating is the internet itself. Internet dating brings people together via the internet which leads to regular dating. Real life dating would not involve the internet in any way when it comes to meeting your date.

If you are shy real life dating makes it hard to meet new people because you just do not get out and about like an outgoing person would. Individuals or groups of people who want to meet other people to get together in a social setting, as a group, or even for a longer term relationship can do it with internet dating. In America recent surveys show that 1 out of 5 people have dated via the internet.

Another big advantage is that you can search for people from all walks of life. Where they live, what they look like and what their interests are give you a quick advantage in locating a possible date. This also explains why there is such a high number of success stories from internet dating. Getting to know someone before you go out with them improves the odds and ensures you will have a good time.

Another advantage of internet dating is that you can go online and remain fairly anonymous revealing a little bit more about yourself only when you want to. This feeling of control has brought out more people who might not do so otherwise.

The great thing about online dating services is that participants get to choose the people they're going to communicate with. Plus, they get to read their profiles ahead of time, so they pretty much have an idea about what type of a person they are dealing with, before they make contact.

With thousands of internet dating services popping up all over the world you have no shortage of people to find who may appeal to you. The availability of internet dating services makes this an appealing option for anyone who is looking to meet new people. Now, with the popularity of online dating services, the interactions people can have are not only limited to their set of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers anymore.

If you have access to the internet you can join as a free member and check it out before becoming a paid member. This try it before you buy it approach is perfect for internet dating. Because of the excitement and the fun internet dating can offer there is a very high rate of people who do become paid members and use their membership over and over.

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Internet Business

Internet Business Secrets for Beginners

So you've joined the ranks of the die-hard Internet marketers eh?! As most of us Internet business addicts can tell you, you're in for one fun ride. There's nothing quite like starting and managing your own web business empire, and there are thousands of folks who feel exactly the same way you do now--excited about anything and everything related to Internet business.

Let's take a look at some tips that will help you and give you some practical ways to enjoy managing Internet market even more!

The preliminary step in starting an Internet business is conducting keyword research to determine if your business idea clicks to needs of people or if it attracts potential customers. There are many things to consider when undertaking the task of starting a business, whether it be a huge conglomerate site or a simple network business from home. Getting through the first aspects of starting you Internet business can be an uphill struggle.

One good thing about starting a business on the Internet though is that you do not need buckets of money, as a matter of fact if you do not have money to spare you can start without a single cent in your pocket. Another way of starting a business is by purchasing an e-book that allows you to resell it so you can then start your business off by selling e-books. Everyone loves information and if the information in your e-book is good and if it has effective advertising, it could sell like lemonade. And if you already have an internet business as I do, this excellent information will take you to the next level.

In order for your Internet home business to be successful, your website must be well set up so that it attracts the traffic you need, and so that the visitors who will come to your website will make you some money. When you're done with the physical aspect of your website and have optimized your content, you can then actually set up your website and put your Internet business live on the web. And most importantly, if you wish to cater to everyone in the Internet marketing business and reach customers all around the globe, then consider meeting the world on its own terms--with a universal website offering your product or service acceptable to all languages and cultures.

Best wishes to you in your quest for finding Internet business knowledge!

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Work At Home On Internet

Work At Home On Internet - It Really Is Possible

How do you work at home on Internet? Once you start searching online, there is a wealth of jobs available on the Internet. You work as a freelance writer or designer, researcher or data entry, just to name a few of the many ways you can work at home on Internet. Your employer could be someone in the next city, the next state or in a country half way around the world.

The world is at your feet when you decide to start a work at home Internet business. Depending on where your interests and talents lie, you have the pick of the best jobs. You can take a large contract where you work at home on Internet or a series of smaller jobs that still add up to higher pay than you get at your regular job.

Well how do you go about getting a job that lets you work at home on the Internet? You could start your own work at home Internet business where you sell products of your own or for someone else. Many companies offer free sign up for their affiliate programs and give you the HTML code so you can enter the ad on your own website. Oh Yes! You do need to have your own website and this is only simple to set up. You purchase a domain name and get a company to host your site. The domain name registration is very cheap - as so is the web hosting.

With this method of setting up your own work at home Internet business, you have to understand the mechanics of getting your information uploaded to the site. There are companies that will give you all the tools you need to create an Internet website to let you work at home on Internet. You create the pages of the site, save it as a text document and then copy and paste it into the space provided. You add the affiliate links and you're all set.

You do have to come up with ways to drive customers to your site when you work at home on Internet. Customers go online to get information and your site should give them what they need- whether it is information about the product or just telling them how easy it is to get it. A work at home Internet business that only features ads does not capture anyone's attention and customers usually get out of it just as quickly as they get in. Therefore you need to add pizzazz to your work at home on the Internet site so that you will bring in the customers and keep them.

Need to work at home on the Internet? There's lots of ways.

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Internet Basics

The Banking Internet Basics

Traditional banking has always been a brick and mortar building where you go to deposit or withdraw money. However, the banking Internet sector has exploded in the past five years. You may not be aware of what banking Internet actually is, and it can be a bit confusing because it has so many names from online banking to PC banking as well as electronic banking and banking online.

With the popularity of the Internet and the power it gives people to take control of their lives, many traditional banks have created banking Internet web pages where customers could transfer money, set up bill payments recurring or otherwise, quickly check items that have cleared, and many other functions that can be accessed 24 hours per day 7 days a week. This banking Internet option has been very popular not only for customers who want to have some control over their account without having to go to the bank but for banks as well whose man hours have been freed up from performing simple tasks like balance inquiries, account transfers, and the like because the customer does it himself with banking Internet.

Banking Internet options also include virtual banks. This is the truest form of banking Internet simply because these banks only exist online. Banking Internet options have become popular because they save customers time and money, which is a very trendy combination. Banking Internet which only exist online means you will have to transfer your money to the new account or else mail a payment via check. Since the whole idea of banking Internet is to make banking as easy as possible, most banking Internet sites will allow you to make a transfer from a brick and mortar bank to the banking Internet site as often as you like with no charge or a small fee.

When you utilize banking Internet options you are able to access your account, move money, pay bills, and any number of things from any computer with Internet access worldwide. This is amazing and makes traveling a lot less stressful as well because with banking Internet you always know where your account stands.

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Chess Computers

Chess Computers - Should You Get One?
The chess computer is a tool, a skill builder if you will. For those that truly enjoy the game of chess, there is no better partner to play with. While many that enjoy playing chess would like to own one of these computers, it should be said that they are often costly and often are complicated to use to a beginner computer user. But, for others, these are the most excellent of tools for your chess career.

The Good

There are a number of benefits to owning your own chess computer. For example, you can play whenever the mood strikes you from early morning to the middle of the night. You don't have to wait around for your friend to be in the mood. You also have the ability to use tutorials that can help you to learn to play or to increase your own playing abilities with these computers. They are designed to allow for all sorts of play, so you get to do what you feel is necessary. You can also restart a game that has gone bad ;-)

The Bad

There are some disadvantages of owning these computers as well. A chess player that is not human can not make the mistakes that a human can make. Therefore, the computer is a much more difficult competitor. Not only that, but they also do not prepare you for the reactions of human play. And, of course, they can be quite an investment as well. You can find various options to choose from, though, from software programs to complete programs.

The Verdict

It's important to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages when it comes to computers like these chess computers. For many, the goal of owning a chess computer is only a dream. You should realize that they are mainly for those who are advanced players who are playing chess at the club level. Then again, to get to this point, many will need a chess coach. The chess computer can be the chess coach that you need to take your game to the highest level it can be at. If you have the funds for a chess computer and a true love of the game, making that purchase can put you one step ahead of the rest.

Mike Singh is a successful webmaster and publisher of . He provides the basic chess rules and excellent chess tips to take your game to the next level.


Broadband and Internet 101

Internet is the World Wide Web. Broadband is the medium that carries it. Internet is the international computer network linking together thousands of individual networks. Broadband is the transmitter of these signals.

The most popular features of the Internet include electronic mail (of course you know e-mail), discussion groups (called newsgroups or bulletin boards, where users can post messages and look for responses on a system called Usenet). There is also the online conversations or chats, adventure and role-playing games and information retrieval You can also find electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the Net where you can buy and sell stuff at the click of a button.

On the other hand, broadband is the high-speed transmission. It is used to refer to Internet access which uses cable modems or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). Broadband DSL connections are faster compared to dial-up connections.

Dial-up connections utilize phone lines to connect to the Internet while broadband uses cables.

High-speed transmission is commonly used to refer to Internet access via cable modems or DSL, which is faster than dial-up. For years, "broadband" has referred to a higher-speed connection, but the actual speed threshold has varied.

Along with digital subscriber line technology, cable modems ushered in the age of broadband Internet access in developed countries. Before DSL and cable modems, Internet access involved slow dial-up access over a public switched telephone network.

Users in a neighborhood share the available bandwidth provided by a single cable line. Therefore, connection speed can vary depending on how many people are using the service at the same time.

While T1 (1.5 Mbps) has been widely used as the threshold, others have used T3 (45 Mbps) for broadband. For example, after the turn of the century, South Korea leapfrogged the U.S. in Internet access, offering DSL up to 50 Mbps and calling their 1.5 Mbps service "light."

Mbps is an abbreviation for megabits per second. It is the data transfer speeds as measured in megabits. This unit is mostly used in networking technologies such as broadband.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is the greatest force to the popularization of the Internet. It is a hypertext system (a computer based retrieval system) which makes browsing the Internet both fast and intuitive.

The information stored in the computer networks connected to the Internet forms a huge cyber library. But the enormous quantity of data and information in these interconnected computers makes it difficult to retrieve the information.

This is where broadband comes in because with the use of these cables, the information available in the Internet can be retrieved really fast and without hassles.

The broadband medium can carry signals from different network carriers. This is done through fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic cable is a thin glass strand designed for transmission. It is capable of transmitting trillions of bits per second

Broadband technology can support a wide range of frequencies. Broadband in general refers to data transmission where multiple pieces of data are sent simultaneously to increase the effective rate of transmission. In network engineering this term is used for methods where two or more signals share a medium.

Various forms of DSL service are broadband in the sense that digital information is sent over one channel and voice over another channel sharing a single pair of wires.

James Monahan is the owner and senior editor of

Forex trading

By: Richard Goldie
So what is is Forex trading you may ask? Forex is the exchange you can buy and sell currencies. For example, you might buy British pounds (by exchanging them to the dollars you had), then, after pounds / dollar ratio goes up, you sell pounds and buy dollars again. At the end of this operation you are going to have more dollars, then you had at the beginning.

The Forex market has much higher liquidity, then the stock market, as much more money is being exchanged. Forex is spread between banks all over the planet and as a result it means 24 hour trading.

Unlike stocks, Forex trades are performed with high leverage, usually it is 100. It means that by investing $1000 you can control $100,000, and increase potential profits accordingly. Some brokers provide also so called mini-Forex, where the size of minimum deposit equals $100. It makes possible for individuals to enter this market easily.

The name convention. In Forex, the name of a "symbol" is composed of two parts - one for first currency, and another for the second currency. For example, the symbol usdjpy stands for US dollars (usd) to Japanese yen (jpy).

As with stocks, you can apply tools of the technical analysis to Forex charts. Trader's indexes can be optimized for Forex "symbols", allowing you to find winning strategy.

Example Forex transaction

Assume you have a trading account of $25,000 and you are trading with a 1% margin requirement. The current quote for EUR/USD is 1.3225/28 and you place a market order to buy 1 lot of 100,000 Euros at 1.3228, expecting the euro to rise against the dollar. At the same time you place a stop-loss order at 1.3178 representing a maximum loss of 2% of your account equity if the trade goes against you, 50 pips below your order price, and a limit order at 1.3378, 150 pips above your order price. For this trade, you are risking 50 pips to gain 150 pips, giving you a risk/reward ratio of 1 part risk to 3 parts reward. This means that you only need to be right one third of the time to remain profitable.

The notional value of this trade is $132,280 (100,000 * 1.3228). Your required margin deposit is 1% of the total, which is equal to $1322.80 ($132,280 * 0.01).

As you expected, the Euro strengthens against the dollar and your limit order is reached at 1.3378. The position is closed. Your total profit for this trade is $1500, each pip being worth $10.

Author Bio
Richard Goldie is a Forex trader and the author of this article and the owner of the website:
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Internet Banking Fundamentals

Historically banks were institutions that held your money under lock and key. Times are changing, with the internet redefining the banking sector over the last five years. Do not be confused as it continues to develop, the many names it goes by all mean the same thing electronic, online and PC banking are all just synonyms traditional banking services provided through a secure internet portal.

Traditional banks have monitored the popularity and growth of the internet, and realising customers wanted greater control of their affairs, have created their own internet banking web sites. Customers now have the freedom to securely perform their banking 24 hours a day 7 days a week, where they can pay bills and set up recurring savings or payments, monitor check clearances and perform other tasks like transfers and balance enquiries through an internet connection. The banks also benefit from a lesser need for staff due to the migration to internet banking where customers serve themselves.

The purest form on online banking is the virtual bank, where the only place they exist is in cyberspace. These banks, and all other internet banking continue to grow in popularity because they are convenient, saving customers time and money. To help the growth and assist customers to make the change, many traditional banks offer minimal fee or completely free transfers to help customers migrate to their online banking service. Others will also enable you to set up online banking by simply transferring your funds by check.

Internet banking has revolutionalized banking with immediate global access to your bank accounts using a secure internet connection. Paying bills, transferring funds and just plain monitoring your account are all possible with minimal stress whether you are ravelling, holidaying or working anywhere in the world.

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Wireless Operation

Bluetooth Wireless Operation

The networking standards of Bluetooth will transmit data via low power radio frequency. Bluetooth communicates on a 2.45 GHz frequency. This very band of frequency has been set aside by international agreement for the use of industrial and medical devices.

Many devices that you already known and use take advantage of this frequency band. Garage door openers, baby monitors, and the next generation of mobile phones all use this frequency within the ISM band. Ensuring that Bluetooth and the other devices don't interfere with each other is a crucial part of the design process.

One of the ways Bluetooth will avoid interfering with other electronic devices is by sending out weak signals of around 1 mw. In comparison, even the most powerful of cell phones can transmit a signal of 3 watts.

The low power signals will limit the range of a Bluetooth device to around 32 feet, which cut the chances of interference between your computer and other electronic devices. Even though it has low power, Bluetooth doesn't require a line of sight between the communicating devices. The walls in your home won't stop the signal, making it great for rooms throughout the house.

Bluetooth can connect 8 devices at the same time. With each of those devices on the same radius, you may think they would interfere with each other, although it's very unlikely. Bluetooth utilizes a technique known as low frequency hopping, which makes it harder for more than one device to transmit on the same frequency at the same time.

With this technique, a device will use 79 individual, randomly chosen frequencies within a designated range, which change from one another on a regular basis.

In the case of Bluetooth, the transmitters will change frequency 1,600 times or more every second, meaning that more devices can make full use of the radio spectrum. Since every transmitter of Bluetooth will use spread spectrum automatically, it's very unlikely that two transmitters will be on the same frequency at the exact same time.

When the Bluetooth devices come within close range of each other, an electronic conversation will occur to determine whether or not they have data to share or whether one needs to take total control. The user doesn't have any buttons to press or commands to give - as the conversation will occur automatically.
Once the conversation has occured, the devices will form a network. Bluetooth devices will create a PAN (Personal Area Network) or piconet that may fill a room. Once the piconet has been established, the devices will randomly hop in frequencies.

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Wireless Technology

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Today, Bluetooth wireless technology is highly demanded sophisticated electronic device that is incorporated almost in every part of marketing sector. This Bluetooth technology sprouted in more and more pieces of finest form of various Bluetooth devices by the end of 20th century.

Sony Ericsson the builder of Bluetooth, effortlessly wanted to make a single custom for wireless technology networking that could easily be stay tune connected with other electronic gadgets supporting this Bluetooth wireless service freely. And so other electronic designers & manufacturers were sharing the same single custom because of the reason as it allows the number of users to enjoy this Bluetooth wireless networking in their electronic devices, with no concern that which company is behind that electronic item.

The subtle business plan of Sony Ericsson made a brilliant strategically decision to make the Bluetooth wireless networking technology requirement available free of charge to companies, if interested in building and embedding the technology into their electronic products which helped in creating a spirit of co-operation amongst the developers.

Using this latest Bluetooth wireless networking technology as base a primary stage it has helped to make this service very affordable for companies to develop innovative products. Not only for companies, but also for end number of users is benefited by this Bluetooth wireless technology just free of charge, and those electronic products are even available at low price in market.

It provides you to transfer data, voice & video with use of electronic tools and gadgets. The size of data to be transferred is no bar but same is not the case with all files of any format. Bluetooth wireless technology helps in functioning of other electronic products by flawlessly connecting & communicating with each other. It has defined three communication ranges as follows:-

1) The Grade “A” devices are the most powerful and ranges up to 300feet.

2) The Grade “B” devices are less powerful and provide an effective range of 50 to 100 feet.

3) The Grade “C” devices lit bit powerful but ranges approximately 15 to 30 feet.

A very important aspect that was focused is that this was especially was designed to provide only short-range connectivity and communications. And this was the only benefit, an advantage of short-range limitation that was purposely designed.

One of the benefits of short-range Bluetooth wireless technology is that it restricts the interferences from other devices if they are close to your surroundings. The main factor that works is the remarkable security features installed while producing, which keeps others away from connecting with your devices and so protects your data.

Another important feature that is powered by limiting its short-range of networking devices requires less power for the transmission over short distances. This shows that you can enjoy longer battery life for most users.

The increasing graph of expansion of use of electronic devices or gadgets using Bluetooth wireless can be seen day by day. Products like Bluetooth wireless PDA, Bluetooth wireless phone, Bluetooth wireless headset stereo headset, Bluetooth wireless printer, etc. It is proved that such a high demand can be satisfied only by continuous research in electronic devices to stand up to the mark in the minds of people by best quality & innovative manufacturing of products.

Cable TV

hings You Should Know About Comcast Cable TV

Cable television has become a regular feature of most people's lives. Obviously, Cable TV is usually connected with Comcast, and they are known to provide exceptional advantages. One of the many things that Comcast should be applauded for is the constant updating of it's equipment to keep abreast of new trends, proving to be very helpful to it's customers. While they do all this, they retain the consistency for which they're known. But, the Comcast company is constantly reinventing itself in the industry. The amount of clients is climbing quickly, so now Internet, digital cable and phone services are being provided.

Comcast Cable TV Offers High Definition (HD) Packages

Every part of our lives is being infiltrated by digital equipment. Therefore, you should take advantage of not only a perfect picture, but perfect sound quality with Comcast Cable TV. With less fuzziness and vivid pictures, digital TV is considered the best when it comes to television viewing options. The problems that affect satellite tv, doesn't affect cable TV. Comcast Digital cable TV contains nearly all local program choices, the highest rated movies and TV programs while keeping prices low. It also has many great extra features, like the electronic program guide, music channels, ondemand channels, digital sound and DVR digital receivers. The best home entertainment for the lowest price is featured with this package.

Comcast High-Speed Internet Offers Super Fast Surfing

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Comcast Phone Guarantees Lower Bills By Offering A Simple Flat-Rate Plan

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Comcast has provided cable TV services for a long time. Today, they also provide digital cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services. Comcast Triple Play packages fulfill your requirements for high speed Internet, home phones, and cable TV. In the United States, Comcast is the largest provider of cable service. Its experience makes it the best choice for internet, telephone and cable products.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Microsoft's Spyware Fight

Microsoft's Spyware Fight

Now that spyware has far exceeded the threats of viruses Microsoft has released their version of a beta spyware scanner, remover and blocker. Spyware infects users with Internet Explorer with an endless build up of threats that run on computers and gather personal and usage information. Consequences of spyware can be browser crashes and start page changes as well as constant freezing.

With Micorsoft's beta spyware tool users must verify through the site that they possess a true, non stolen version of Windows XP before being able to download the software. Upon approval computer users get the download free and it begins immediately protecting against spyware invasions. The software includes a scanner that will detect and remove or fix spyware infected files. The scan runs easily just by booting up the program and choosing the scan. It can take twenty minutes or more for the entire scan to complete and once done it gives you a list of detected spyware.

When you choose to delete the detected spyware files you have the option of creating a restore point so that if any problems occur from remove a particular file you may rejuvenate its functions later. Microsoft's anti-spyware tool also restores original Internet Explorer settings that may have been altered by spyware infections. Without this feature it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get an Internet Explorer browser to return to its normal features after spyware has hindered them.

After Microsoft's beta spyware software has done its work your computer should run more productively and your privacy will be safer from intruders as you surf the internet. If you have Microsoft software it is wise to try to the free beta software so you computer can be better armed against spyware invasions.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for , a site that focuses exclusively on spyware removal software, as well as tips on how to prevent spyware from popping up on your computer. This site articles on has spyware guard, as well as spyware scanner,

Big Picture of Spy

The Big Picture of Spy Programs

Keyloggers are a large threat to any type of computer users but anti-spyware software makers have announced users must beware of more than just keyloggers. The threats of spyware are vast, meaning internet users need to arm themselves from as much as they can. Using only a programs that guards against keyloggers will give users a false sense of security.

Other spyware threats can monitor your computer usage, redirect emails, and record chats, instant messages and URLs visited. It is important for computer users to be educated on all of these threats and protect their privacy with an all inclusive spyware program. Keyloggers are dangerous because they log every key typed on the infected computer. Email redirectors can be dangerous applications to have because they are often silent spy programs that copy incoming and outgoing emails to send back to the intruder who can read and use the information for a variety of advertising or theft purposes.

Chat, instant message and URL loggers monitor messaging programs, such as AOL Instant Messenger, and log the sites you visit. Still other forms of spyware take snapshots of your desktop at given times so that the intruder may see your work in progress like a slide show. With all of these additional spy programs threatening computers it is necessary for users to realize more than just keyloggers exist.

Software makers suggest users get one or more spyware tools that protect against a variety of threats so that all possible intrusions are being caught and stopped or removed.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for , a site that focuses exclusively on spyware removal software, as well as tips on how to prevent spyware from popping up on your computer. This site articles on has spyware guard, as well as spyware scanner,

Identity Theft

Catching Spyware to Avoid Identity Theft

Arming your computer against spyware is an important move to make to protect your personal security and private information. Statistics on the number of identity theft victims continue to rise as do the number of computers being infected with spyware. Some numbers have shown nine out of ten computers are affected by spyware, many on computer whose users are unaware of the infection. Identity theft and spyware are connected in that spyware has become a common method for intruders to gather your personal information and bank numbers so they can commit identity theft.

Spyware installs itself or comes installed with freeware and shareware programs. Once embedded in your computer it tracks your internet and software usages, records sent and received email and instant messages and logs keystrokes to identify passwords and credit card numbers. The information is sent out to advertisers or other intruders who will use it to bombard your computer with ads or at worst steal and use your accounts.

You will often lose complete control over your computer once spyware has been installed. The spyware can cause browser crashes and other unauthorized changes in your computer. The unwanted pop up ads that result from spyware can cause the computer to work slower and possible destroy some programs from being able to run. Spyware specific tools are needed to rid of and protect against spyware because normal anti-virus software is not designed to detect spyware, as it is unique from viruses. Spyware programs should also be able to detect adware, a similar application that runs on your computer by sending a constant stream of pop ups. Adware can be dangerous to the proper functioning of your computer.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for , a site that focuses exclusively on spyware removal software, as well as tips on how to prevent spyware from popping up on your computer. This site articles on has spyware guard, as well as spyware scanner,

Windows and Linux Web Hosting

Deciding Between Windows and Linux Web Hosting

Many people recognize Linux as the best type of web hosting solution around, because of the added advantages of this solutions, which provide reliability, security, functionality, and affordability all in the one package.

Linux Servers Advantages
Linux servers have been known to run for long periods of time without technical difficulties or down time being experienced, which is a considerable achievement since many Microsoft servers need to refresh and reboot their operating systems at regular intervals.

Linux installations have no known vulnerabilities in their security operating system; however, it is still considered a priority of Linux to keep their systems running with the best degree of security around.

Linux also offers its customers the added advantage of cheaper Linux based web hosting solutions. This is largely due to open source distributions; hosts generally pass these savings onto their customers, making Linux solutions extremely affordable.

Disadvantages of Linux Servers
With every advantage of a solution, there has to be disadvantages as well, Linux hosting solutions are no exception to this rule. One of the main disadvantages of Linux based applications is that they are unable to accommodate windows applications and the coding conversions. This can spell disaster for websites that have been coded especially for windows based applications.

When choosing a web hosting provider for Linux, make sure he offers all the basics services on security, including firewall, load balance for the servers, Denial of Attack (DOS) protection.

Also, there are some basics services any service should include, such as MYSQL services, statistics (preferably two scripts), antivirus and antispam services (added or included) and the possibility to add your own scripts via FTP. If provider doesn't include SSH access (this is very common), make sure they can offer you support to install those scripts. Of course, if your script presents a security flaw, your provider may ask you to change it or deny installing it altogether.

Windows web servers
Windows web hosting solutions provide many benefits such as NET support, ASP, visual basic C++ and pearl scripts. Windows are also known for their dynamic page displays. All windows plans, as well as MSSql for more experienced webmasters support the Microsoft Access 2000 database and are generally easy and strait forward to apply codes to.

Be aware that a Microsoft Access database, although simple to use is a limited option, and should not be considered if you are planning your site to grow. However, it is a very good option for small sites with little growth.

Although Windows hosting packages offer a large number of benefits and extras, the fact that they have the odd security problem, are prone to down time, and scheduled rebooting on a regular basis remains a viable disadvantage to using windows servers as an option for your web site.

While the choice of a web hosting provider is an individual decision, those looking for a business solution should consider the benefits and disadvantages of both windows and Linux severs before making a choice. is the premier web hosting company in Mexico, offering a range or services for all business needs.

Tablet PC Review

Tablet PC Review - The Best Table PCs On The Market

A tablet pc is a personal computer that has a touch screen. Much lighter and more manageable in small spaces than a laptop, a tablet pc is a truly personal computer. While a built in keyboard is not standard on a tablet pc a keyboard may be plugged in if the user prefers. To enter information on a tablet pc you simply write on the screen. The tablet pc is able to read your writing based on handwriting recognition. The handwriting is stored as a graphic and can be converted to text either in real time or stored and completed after you have finished your notes. If you would prefer to be more natural, comments, notes and doodles can be left in your own handwriting. Tablet pcs use Windows XP Professional as their operating system. There are a wide variety of additional software programs available to customize a tablet pc to meet your individual needs.

Tablet pcs are lightweight and are designed for students and business people alike. With their wireless capabilities tablet pcs are great for checking emails and keeping important files and information at your fingertips.

Tablet pcs on the market

* Hewlett-Packard offers a tablet pc that comes equipped with wireless options, integrated security and an outdoor viewable display. Battery life is up to 5.5 hours and an additional travel battery can be purchased for all day use. This tablet pc comes with a three-year warranty.

* Gateway offers a full bundle tablet pc that comes with USB keyboard, dock for a desktop, and DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive. It is a slate type model and comes with Windows XP Tablet PC software. Standard battery for this tablet pc lasts at least 3 hours. With a weight of three pounds this tablet pc is perfect for students or business people on the move.

* Toshiba is marketing a dockable tablet pc that combines a notebook pc with the versatility of the tablet pc. The fully rotating screen allows viewing in either the landscape or portrait orientation. This model of tablet pc is must for adding personal notes or diagrams to presentations.

On you will find articles on how to build me a computer? and build my own computer.

Spyware IS Good

Spyware IS Good

How many times per week do you run your antivirus protection or anti-spyware or adware programs to ensure that your paranoia about having an infected machine is just that, paranoia? With so many problems in the computer infection world, one cannot really blame themselves for checking up on their system on a routine basis. However, do you ever really think about where all these programs come from because someone out there must be sending them out, they don't just appear through spontaneous generation. This makes one ponder the question as to who is sending these things?

There are thousands of spyware, adware, and Trojan horse programs that are running rampant throughout cyber space as you read this article. But if you really think about it, just as war might be considered good for the economy, these computer infestation programs are good for the economy. If you are not sure what I mean, just think about Spybot, Spyware Nuker, Adaware, and countless other detection and removal programs. This is a new sector of the economy that has only sprung up as a result of those programs that can take control of your computer.

Just as with the medical industry making billions of dollars per year on not finding cures for AIDS and cancer, because financially these cures would allow them to make less profits each. It seems like information technology companies do not want to rid the world of all the infectious programs that can endanger your PC. The reason for this is that they find profit in the misfortunes of others. The continual emergence of new Trojan or adware makes it necessary for people to spend money for protection. If this sounds familiar that is because it is the same philosophy employed by organized crime. You pay them for protection but they are not going to do anything to ultimately cure each case but just get more money from you after something happens and tell you that it is not going to happen.

In short, Spyware is good for the economy because it allows for more money to be reinvested into the market through purchasing new and updated protection programs to keep you computer clean. It makes you put more money back into the economy and allow the software creators of these protection programs to prosper. Who knows, it could be these companies that created some of these programs that you need their software to cure. Just think about it, spyware IS good.

Now that you have read that, please read this. If you believe any of that, I have an oceanfront house in Oklahoma that I can sell you at a great price. Spyware, Trojan programs, and adware are nothing but a group of programs put on this planet to annoy us at all times. Most spyware and adware programs offer you free versions of their software that is sufficient enough to monitor your system on a regular basis. Although, there are those that offer a more detailed version at a higher price, most free versions are sufficient. Spyware is not good and these programs help keep it that way. Don't believe the hype!

When not on his soapbox, Andrew Wroblewski is doing battle with the thousands of spyware programs that can affect you via his website: Spyware Removal, where you can learn how to get rid of the about:blank hijacker too.

free from Spyware

Safely Surfing the Internet and staying free from Spyware.

The internet has quickly become a dangerous place to take your computer without first having sufficient security equipment installed and running. Intruders using viruses were the first threat and spyware has become the most prevalent threat against user's privacy and computer functioning. Having only anti-virus and firewall protection will no longer fully protected your computer from the many internet threats.

Signing online without first having good anti-spyware protection will now invite in privacy intruders you would not normally allow in. With spyware in you computer there is seemingly no end to the personal information that can be extracted. The information the intruder desires is easily logged by spyware programs and sent back to the originator.

Spyware can steal information about your computer's operating system, the computer's address and system specific information such as what type of processor and the type internet browsers you have. It will also record what web sites you visit and other internet usage information. All this information collected by spyware intruders is used to create a profile for you
that the intruders use for advertising purposes by bombarding you with annoying pop ups and email ads.

A spyware program with a keylogger can be potentially the most dangerous for of spyware because it works by logging each key stroked into your computer. You user names, passwords, instant message chats, email messages, credit information and more can all be caught and sold or used by third party intruders. Other forms of spyware take snapshots of your screen as you work online at different times. Any type of spyware infection should be taken seriously and measures to minimize the privacy
invasion should be taken.

Users will most likely know they have been infested with adware because it almost always come with numerous annoying pop ups that signal an infection. Spyware is usually more difficult to detect because it is programmed to work silently. As it build on your system the computer's functions will become noticeable slower and browser pages will take longer to load.

Spyware can also take control of a computer causing browser crashes among other annoying and potentially dangerous malfunctions. If you internet browser page has been abruptly changed or you printer and CD players begin acting odd they your computer is usually infected with spyware.

You can begin avoiding spyware by knowing what types of programs come with spyware or adware packages when downloaded. Many of the popular freeware and file sharing applications come with adware. Kazaa is widely known for having several adware applications piggy backing their way into your computer as does the free download of Weatherbug and DivX. The newer version of DivX has rid itself of adware so users can feel safer.

Even anti-spyware tools can trick users into installing more spyware because some of the scan and removal tools are produced by the spyware distributors. Spyware Nuker is one such programs which tells users it will eliminate spyware when it actually skips over some infections during the scan and can install or let in additional infections. The best spyware tools immunize your system and then block spyware packages from getting in the system.

Any spyware removal tool you choose to use should be updated before each scan and the scans should be run at least on a weekly basis. Many anti-spyware protective tools can be programmed to run automatically at whatever schedule you choose. Some of the top rated anti-spyware tools include AdAware, Hijack This, PestPatrol, Spybot Search and Destroy and SpySweeper and each is a free download. Once you have found a free product that suits you consider paying for a more advanced version
to get greater protection.

To continue surfing the internet safely while keeping your privacy it is vital that all users arm themselves with some sort of spyware protection tool. Many computer malfunctions and technical support calls stem from spyware infections.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for , a site that focuses exclusively on spyware removal software, as well as tips on how to prevent spyware from popping up on your computer. This site articles on has spyware guard, as well as spyware scanner,
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