Thursday, December 4, 2008

Computer Virus Scan

Computer Virus Scan, Your 24/7 Dutiful Guard

Computers nowadays will not last without the installations of a good anti virus software. It is recommended that a frequent computer virus scan be done to ensure that your computer has not been infected with a virus. Most of us have probably experienced computer defaults caused by a virus attack and feel that you are not safe enough from hackers. So, keep your computer safe from these dangerous virus threats.

Install Computer Virus Scan software and protect your personal data from hackers, detect and remove spywares, adwares and web dialers. Virus scan softwares also restore your computer if it is already infected. They will detect the infections and have them removed, deleted or quarantined.

Imagine having a malicious program destroying your files and computer in seconds? These could be files that you have worked so hard for. So why not secure your computer? Nobody wants his hard disk destroyed, personal information stolen and files erased.

With the growing number of viruses - worms, trojans and other hazards that can easily infect your computer, protecting your PC has never been more important. Especially now that computers has been given a more important role in our daily lives.

The availability of virus scan softwares and the development of new programs in the light of this problem put an ease to many of the computer owners. Virus scan destroys all viruses which could have penetrated into the system mostly, cleaning up takes only but a few seconds.

While at first install it would do a thorough computer virus scan to ensure that there is no virus hiding anywhere in your pc. After that it would do occasional computer virus scans to maintain the cleanliness of your computer.

Computer virus scan programs also detect potentially unwanted applications like spyware, adware, web dialers and more.

Advanced antivirus technology detects and removes all latest versions of worm, email, download and other computer viruses, including Sobig, Lovsan (MSBlaster), Bugbear, Palyh, Fizzer, Klez, Sircam, Nimda, CIH, "I love you" virus, "Anna Kournikova" virus, Hahaha, Badtrans, Vbs funlove letter, Melissa and many other worm, back door and Trojan Horse viruses.

With a computer virus scanner on duty, you will almost never contract a virus. You can surf the Internet safely, read your emails and download files without being worried about viruses.

After installing a computer virus scanner, it will act as a 24/7 guard to your computer. Tirelessly it will guard your computer against attacks from viruses and preventing harm from other malicious software.

The background scanner will operate continuously, watching for viruses as you are using your computer for everyday tasks. You do not have to do anything. In the software, a computer virus scanner will perform this function and do the entire job automatically, in the background, ensuring the safety of your computer. Or, if you wish, you can configure it to schedule, run and manage your own scan operations.

The scanner starts when you start your computer, and stays in memory until you shut it or your system down. The scanner also includes optional features that keep your computer from connecting to dangerous Internet sites.

If you plug-in permanently or just connect periodically to the Internet, computer virus scan softwares automatically checks for the latest virus definitions, patches and fixes -- then updates itself automatically. This is your first line of defense against computer viruses. In some anti virus software they can also be your second, third and fourth.

S. Stammberger is the owner of Computer
Virus Helpers. Her website offers articles and tools to help protect your computer against viruses

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