Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faster Computer 101

We all want a fast computer it is the one thing that we all really want when buying a new computer. We are very happy with how fast it was running when we first buy it from the store. It started up without a hitch or any error windows and any time we opened a program there was absolutely no hesitation. Over time your computer will always begin to slow down and this is when you will start getting annoyed. There are various causes of this but there is also three very easy ways for you to remedy this problem.

You can always add additional memory to start, this is a reason that your computer may simply be cheap when you buy it first up because it actually has very little memory in it and simply needs more to function in a reasonable manner. You may feel as though all the numbers sounds like it is actually a lot of memory when in reality it is not even enough for it to function normally, you must add more if you want your computer to run really well. You can buy your own memory from many places and install it yourself or have someone who actually knows what they are doing to install it for you. This may be a better option, as you don’t want to stuff up your computer even though it is quite easy to do.

There are other things other than buying memory that can help your computer speed up. You can get rid of spy ware stuff on your computer, as this tends to take up a lot of space when it is running on your computer. Thee generally only show themselves through pop up windows however they are running silently in the background all the time. People often have many different spy ware programs running unknowingly and this really halts and clogs up the system in a big way. You can easily get more than you think running. Get an anti spy ware program and run it and this is simply the easiest way to clean up your system and have it running faster than ever. It will both more secure and faster.

There is one more way that you can clean up your computer and make it run faster that is often overlooked my most people. You can clean up the errors in the Windows registry. Sometimes people are a bit worried about tampering with this part of the system however it is quite easy to do and is actually very effective. You don’t have to do this all by yourself there are many programs which you can download and will do this for you automatically the trick is simply to find the best one. This will clean up your computer get rid of those really annoying pop ups and stop system crashes occurring.

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