Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dress Up Games

Five Dress Up Games You Really Should Try by Lisa Park

New to dress up games? Then you absolutely must play more until you’re an old pro. As a beginner, a list of essential games might be just the thing to point you in the right (most enjoyable) direction.

Celebrity Dress Up Games
If you love celebrities, and who doesn’t (even if you profess to not care, you know you really do – at least a little bit), you’ll want to take your turn preparing everyone in Celebrity Land for the red carpet. In a celebrity dress up game, you have the opportunity to take a character such as Miley Cyrus and then pick and choose her outfits. Dress her for school or dress her for the stage. You can even dress her up for a big award ceremony – it’s up to you!

Fairy Dress Up Games
Who among us has never secretly wished to have magical powers of some kind? When you play fairy dress up games you gain those powers, even if it’s just through your creation. Fairy dress up games let you select everything from hair color to wing span for your little (or large) fairy. Once you’ve got the basic design, there are plenty of extras to help decorate the scene or to give your fairy extra oomph.

Makeover Games
Very much like a basic dress up game, a makeover game takes an ugly duckling and makes her into a swan. Of course, it’s almost impossible to find an ugly duckling of a doll, so really you’re taking a doll with no style and transforming her into someone who can truly dazzle. This is good practice for when you take your friends shopping. You can learn makeover skills with the games and then instruct others in real life makeovers for fun or maybe even for profit!

Goth Dress Up Games
Here’s one your mother never played when she dabbled in paper dolls. Goths have a terrific sense of style – how else can you make all of that black so fashionable? Practice parings of black, white and red to make your Goth creations as stylish as they are sullen. If you tire of Goths, by the way, you can always play with the Goth game twin – Emo dress up games.

Princess Dress Up Games
Every girl is a princess, but only some can actually look the part. Take yourself online to practice your skill at dressing a princess in her royal garb and then stick around to throw some outfits together for her to take on a royal vacation or to the royally wicked night club. Who said all princesses have to be well behaved? If royal princesses and all that title status get under your skin, you might prefer the other sort of princess. Try wedding dress up games to make every girl truly a princess for her one special day.

Lisa Park is a 23 year old author and a blogger. She loves to surf the net, watch movies and listen to music. Regina Spektor is one of her favorite pianists. Playing dress up games is also one of her favorites. To find out more about her just drop by at Dress Up Games.

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