Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Electronics Enclosure

Electronics Enclosure Buying Guide

Here are some great tips to help you buy the right electronics enclosure kit. These requirements change depending on what type of electronic components you are purchasing the kit for. You can find information on electronic enclosure kits here.

1. What you should get in an electronic enclosure kit

You should try to get a kit that has Static Shielding, Impact Shock Shielding, Heat Shielding, Magnetic Shielding, and Dirt/Dust proofing. This is because Static Shielding takes into account how much electricity can be run through the enclosure and into its components, as opposed to how much is grounded and absorbed by the shielding itself. Sudden electrical surges can be damaging to electronic components, even sometimes to those that are dormant. Good grounding against power surges keeps the items stored in the enclosure safe from sudden electrical discharge. That means you have one less thing to worry about.

2. Why you should get Impact Shock Shielding and Heat Shielding

Impact Shock Shielding minimizes the damage taken by any equipment stored in the enclosure from sudden physical impact and vibrations. Needless to say, most electronic equipment is physically fragile, and thus is suceptible to damage from impact, so shock proofing is extremely important. Heat Shielding is a given as well, as most pieces of electronic equipment tend to be heat-sensitive. Some manufacturers even go so far as to place built-in heat sinks into their electronic enclosures, allowing temperature built up inside the enclosure to be flushed to the exterior, keeping the components inside relatively cool.

3. Why you should get magnetic shielding

It is good to prevent electro-magnetic pulsing from destroying electronic equitment and you can do that with magnetic shielding. EMP bursts should be considered a threat to electronic equipment.

Your electronics are important and should be protected. By buying an electronic enclosure kit you are doing everything that you can to prevent damage to your electronics. There is nothing worse than turning on your computer and finding that you've lost everything on your hard drive due to some form of damage that could have been prevented. The data that you could lose, and the time that it would take you to replace all of that data should be considered, when deciding whether or not to buy an electronic enclosure kit. And some data and information is impossible to duplicate or replace. If you value your electronics, think about buying an enclosure kit. Don't wait until it's too late, or you'll regret it!

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